Richard G. Jones, Jr.
Scholar, Educator, Author

Published Textbooks

Communication in the Real World

Cover of "Communication in the Real World" textbookIntegrative learning connects student’s experiences to the text.

Concrete and relevant examples that refer to diverse relationships such as family, friends, co-workers, and romantic relationships, and communication contexts such as interpersonal, organizational, academic, mediated, and civic.

"Getting Real" boxes include “real-life” examples of communication concepts in action.

"Getting Competent" boxes present real or hypothetical scenarios similar to case studies that will allow students to apply concepts from the chapter.

"Getting Plugged In" boxes highlight technology on a variety of fronts including: the Internet, e-mail, text messaging, blogging, social media, and mass media.

"Getting Critical" boxes enhance critical thinking and invite student reflection.

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Our Communication, Our World

Cover of "Our Communication, Our World" textbook

Emphasizes practicality and competence and integrates content about communicating in professional contexts. Relevant and concrete examples ensure students immediately see the applicability of what they learn.

Emphasizes critical thinking and encourages linking theory to practice.

"Getting Real" explains how fundamental concepts have been explored or applied in recent research.

"Getting Competent" presents information to help learners develop skills as scholars and practitioners.

"Getting Digital" highlights the intersection of communication and technology, including the internet, smartphones, and social media.

"Getting Critical" enhances analytical thinking and invites reflection by drawing on examples from current events, politics, and popular culture—often within the context of ethical considerations.

Includes current topics not consistently covered in other titles, such as communication research methods (Chapter 1), health communication (Chapter 12), and critical approaches in communication (integrated throughout).

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