Richard G. Jones, Jr.
Scholar, Educator, Author


Rich's Research Philosophy

Exploring Communication Contexts: I enjoy doing research on a wide variety of communication contexts, usually with a focus on identity and relationships. My research focuses on intercultural communication including the intersections of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, class, and ability. I have a particular interest in creating sites for connections between communication theory and applied, community, and/or social justice driven research. In much of my research, I ask: How do people communicate their cultures and identities in various interpersonal, organizational, and cultural contexts?

Intersecting Research Methods

I find intersubjective research most engaging and rewarding, so I usually employ methods such as qualitative interviewing, personal narrative, and participant observation. My interest in intersecting history, theory, and practice within my research also leads me to engage in textual analysis and rhetorical criticism, in order to more fully understand and contextualize whatever communication phenomena I am studying. I consistently try to develop and conduct research that is participant-oriented and reflexive, and strive to organically create multiple-consciousness raising opportunities for myself and my "research participants."

Conducting Research for Diverse Audiences: While much of my research is targeted toward scholarly audiences, I am also committed to being an engaged intellectual by taking my research to various communities in more accessible ways. I do this in three ways, which clearly demonstrate that research, teaching, and service are all interrelated within my scholarly identity.

Using The Power of Performance: One way I make my research more accessible and accountable is through public performances that break out of the typical "textocentrism" of the academy, and put my research into action through my body.

Bringing Research into the Classroom: I have also found that striving to translate my research into the classroom hones my analytical and presentation skills, as students are often not squeamish about "calling out" their professors and challenging them to communicate the relevance of their research. As scholars, I think it's important for us to be able to speak fluent academic-ese in certain contexts, while still being able to explain our research to our students, friends, and family. You can read more about my educational philosophy and courses under "Teaching".

Bringing Research to the Community: I also engage in community service by consulting with community groups or non-profit organizations on a variety of issues ranging from cultural diversity, to organizing strategies, to event planning, to political strategizing. I am available to do consulting work with a variety of organizations from non-profits, to small businesses, to companies, which you can read more about under "Consulting/Speaking".