Richard G. Jones, Jr.
Scholar, Educator, Author

Consulting & Speaking

Areas of Expertise

Rich's primary areas of expertise are culture and diversity, public speaking (speech writing and delivery), professional speaking, and communication effectiveness.

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Professional Communication Consultant

Rich has worked with individuals, non-profit organizations, and social service providers on various topics related to public speaking, public image, communication effectiveness, and diversity and is available to consult with individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Consulting Services

Consulting services include ongoing communicating advising or coaching, one-time or stand-alone projects, or other services as needed.

Consulting Methods

Consulting services can be delivered electronically, over the phone, in person, or in any combination of these methods. To get information to individuals within a group or organization, Rich can create custom web-interfaces, podcasts, or online videos/lectures.

Consulting Rates

Rates are variable, but are competitive in comparison to consulting firms. Non-profit organizations and educational organizations/institutions receive a discounted rate. Contact Rich for more information about rates based on your individual or group needs.

Communication Effectiveness

Potential Topics Include:

  • Working effectively in small groups and teams
  • Making words count: Using effective verbal communication
  • Body langauge and nonverbal communication effectiveness
  • Developing listening effectiveness
  • Active, empathetic, and/or critical listening skills
  • Communicating effectively in cross-cultural business situations 
  • Effective leadership communication skills 
  • Creating and maintaining a public image using new media and social media

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Professional Presentations

Potential Topics Include:

  • How to manage public speaking anxiety
  • Making your content relevant to your audience
  • Translating technical information for lay audiences
  • Informative and persuasive speaking
  • Audience analysis
  • Preparing professional and effective visual aids
  • Tips for organizing and preparing presentations
  • Tips for delivering presentations
  • Tips for special occasions speaking (toasts, eulogies, tributes, awards ceremonies)
  • Tips for speaking for political activism/political engagement

 Culture and Diversity

Potential Topics Include:

  • Diversity training and workshops related to one or more of the following: race, gender, ability, class, age, sexual orientation
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Diversity in higher education
  • Diversity in the classroom
  • Gender dynamics in the workplace

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